DEME Zeeconomie

DEME has big aspirations, and hires more than 100 employees every year to achieve them. Yet the War for Talent is making it increasingly difficult to find the right candidates. How does DEME profile itself as a company and how do they tell that story to potential candidates?


Through a native campaign, we seamlessly incorporated DEME’s DNA into the Zeeconomie editorial series. Our team proposed content that was distributed via our 3 main formats: in De Tijd | L’Echo, digitally on | and via audio. A live webinar event was also included in this campaign. 


Zeeconomie zooms in on climate, energy and resource innovations, themes in which our readers show great interest and precisely what makes DEME stand out. In this way, we market their employer branding to young professionals in a natural, creative and impactful way. After all, 1 in 4 of our readers is younger than 35.