EY Start to metaverse

EY and innovations, you effortlessly lump them together. What is the metaverse really all about? Are there opportunities or is it all hype? EY wanted to share their knowledge around these complex topics in an accessible way through our native advertising opportunities.



Along with the latest technologies, we transformed EY’s request into a native campaign linked to the editorial podcast ‘Start to Metaverse’. This was complemented by content in De Tijd | L’Echo and online at tijd.be | lecho.be, and a banner campaign to market the new podcast. 


With the podcast, the newsroom explains an innovative concept with an innovative approach. The host provides a recognizable human touch, the medium conveys the information in an accessible way and the audience gets a clear view of the metaverse. Here, thanks to a native stitch, EY was also able to market itself as a reliable sparring partner on the subject.