Making your brand story as compelling as the news.

The Power of Podcasts – What do the numbers tell us?

Just because we say something is entertaining and effective doesn’t necessarily make it so, right? Sometimes the numbers need crunching to see if a product or service actually lives up to the expectations around it. That’s certainly true of podcasts, which increasingly seem to be everywhere. But how effective is this relatively new medium?  A […]

Podcasts work – You message, where you want it

Blogs are great, aren’t they? We can read ideas from anyone, anywhere in the world. The only problem is that word ‘read’. Reading means using our eyes, so we are limited from doing other tasks at the same time.  Podcasts are a different proposition, because the message is delivered straight between our ears, and can […]

Do you speak sustainability? – How fluent is your native advertising?

No longer merely trendy Inequality, climate change, biodiversity… Our world is facing extreme challenges, and sustainable development is on the radar for more and more people.  If sustainability was once viewed by some as merely ‘trendy’, it’s now a given, no longer a ‘nice to have.’ Companies with an eye to the future must therefore […]

When blending in means standing out – Native Advertising explained

The line between opinions and facts is increasingly blurred, as illustrated during the last two years of the pandemic. The notion of ‘facts’ is being challenged, but there is also strong demand for trustworthy information. Perhaps paradoxically, some of this comes through Native Advertising, a form of unobtrusive advertising that satisfies readers with informative and […]